Subscription Services

Are you ready to take your MasterMIND experience to another level? You’re in the right place! MasterMIND Productions now offers our clients the ability to pay on one or bundled services through a monthly subscription option. Enjoy having the peace of mind that our team of experts will take care of your video, photography, marketing and/or development needs throughout the year for one low cost!
Does it work for my Business?

MMP Signature Plan

$556.00 / Monthly Renewal

1 MasterMIND Service 

3 Times a Month 

No RollOver Services 

MMP Premier Plan 

$501.00 /Monthly Renewal 

2 Bundled Services 

5 Times a Month 

1 RollOver Services 

MMP Executive Plan 

$445.00 / Monthly Renewal 

3 Bundled Services 

8 Times a Month 

2 RollOver Services