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Hello, I'm Zahid Rooney

I’m here today because I started stealing quarters from my granddaddy’s ashtray to call my girlfriend from the payphone. I carried that same energy to every employer and eventually stole from them too…until I finally got caught stealing around $40,000 from ATM’s I worked on. That branded me with 13 felony larceny charges that follow me around like a haunted shadow.

When I started mental health therapy, I learned that stealing things [Strategically Tactfully Evacuating things to an Alternate Location] presented and fulfilled a sought-after thrill, one that I longed for and didn’t even know. Now my life started to make sense. That’s the main reason why I turned out to be a successful entrepreneur. Meeting new people and getting paid to solve unique problems is exactly the thrill I needed to live a legal and profitable life. That’s how I became a master visual storyteller and worked with clients like Google, AARP, Cisco and President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. They too had stories that needed to be told authentically, in ways that created action from their audiences.

So when you get tired of carrying the burden of doing it yourself, I’ll help you discover the thrill in your story.

  • Identifying your authentic story

  • Working with non-profits, small businesses and large corporations

  • Award-winning filmmaker and published photographer

  • Ground-breaking storyteller

  • Storytelling speaker/trainer