Proverbs 10:15

The rich man’s wealth [resources: knowledge, wisdom & money] is his strong city: the destruction of the poor is their poverty.

This b-clause speaks volume to the majority of what’s happening in our community today.  So often we blame the economy, the president, our criminal background for our destruction when if the truth be told, it’s our own fault that we’re being destroyed physically, mentally and spiritually. Yes our adversary comes to steal, kill and destroy but he cannot override the will of God for our lives. If God says you are rich and you’re not, it’s YOUR poverty that’s destroying you…not the enemy. If God says He owns all the cattle on a thousand hills and you ain’t got a piece of steak in site, it’s YOUR poverty that’s causing your destruction. If you don’t possess the Peace of God that surpasses all understanding, just continue to live in the land of confusion because it’s YOUR poverty that’s preventing you from experiencing Jehovah Shalom. Inspector Gadget said it best, “This message will self-destruct.”

You now have the knowledge and you’re now held responsible for creating wealth for you, your family & your children’s children. If you choose to hold on the your poverty, YOU WILL SELF-DESTRUCT!

I hear many of us already making excuses but just know, your excuse to becoming wealthy is your ticket to destruction. I hate to ride it so hard but…if it’s a lack of transportation, ride the bus. If it’s a lack of income, reduce your expenses & make more money. If it’s your job, get a promotion and start making some decisions. If it’s someone you serve with in ministry, learn what it takes to become a leader and LEAD instead of offering criticism. If it’s some issues in your family, SPEAK THOSE THINGS THAT BE NOT AS THOUGH THEY WERE…UNTIL THEY BECOME! Do not allow YOUR poverty be YOUR destruction in ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE!

You’ve got the victory!!! When you change your mind, your actions will follow. When you replace poverty with wealth, you will begin to build something that the devil cannot tear down. Your mind, will & emotion will become a fortified city separating you from all those things that don’t belong in your camp, in your house, at your job, in your classroom, in your marriage, in your future, in our church. You will be protected because you now have the applied knowledge, which is the power to tread over serpents and scorpions. You are now protected because you have godly wisdom that will lead and guide you through any situation you may be facing.

Your wealth is your strong city but your poverty can be your destruction.