The Payne family of Hurt, Virginia was long overdue for an extended relatives’ photo session, so they chose this opportunity to pose for a professional photographer. Aside from the need for pictures of the entire clan, Mama Payne, the family’s matriarch, needed new pictures for her ministry. The following is an account of the Payne’s experience at their photo session and its aftermath.

The collective group’s favorite memories from the photo session consisted of the outdoors portion. The family posed outside, and even in spite of the disruptive wind blowing in their faces, the photographer, Ken Branson of Mastermind Productions, managed to make great portraits.


While they were being photographed, the Payne’s got to watch the entire experience on a large digital screen as it was happening. They got to see what they looked like in their poses as if they were looking through the photographer’s lens. This futuristic experience was incredibly exciting for the whole family. It also helped them improve their poses and take exact directions from their photographer. Since they were able to see themselves live on the screen, they could understand all of the photographer’s intentions for them without him having to explain in depth.


Once the Payne clan completed their photo shoot, their photographer processed the pictures and uploaded them to a site where family members could choose the ones they’d like to keep. Three groups of extended relatives were involved in the picking process, so the convenience of a shared link to the list of photos was met with relief by everyone. Shortly thereafter, the clan received their photos, and they were happy with the timing in which this was done.


The Payne family was incredibly satisfied with their pictures, their poses, and their photographer. They will gladly recommend the photographer’s services and his company to friends who might be interested in similar photo shoots. The pictures were processed just in time to meet the relatives’ needs, and they are thankful that this experience helped them bond and reunite as a family unit.