IMG_0056 copy
It was a slow start to her party. She was sleepy but you definitely can’t tell here! It took her young bones just a few minutes to warm up and then…IMG_0074 copy
This little girl has so much personality and it seems that she loves the camera. It’s only a wonder who she gets that from.
IMG_0086 copy
Those bubbles that Minnie Mouse brought out gave life to the participants.
IMG_0137 copy
Now…this made my heart smile. Of course Mom & Pops were in the background cringing at the thought of Layla Grayce dropping the camera but the PhotoJournalism leaped inside of me. It was one of those things where you shoot now (and fast) and ask for forgiveness later. Maybe she has an eye for photography in her future…who knows?!??!?
Check out the participants in the background as they patiently wait for Layla Grayce to join them for the group photo! #Priceless
IMG_8746 copy
This photo ended up making it on the cover of her album. I’m sure this would have won the Gerber Challenge if it was still going on.
IMG_8759 copy
Proud Mommie throwing her hands up and celebrating such wonderful occasion with her daughter and husband (foreground). Sidebar: I sincerely appreciate Drs. Kedrick & Siti Lowery for who they are and for what they’ve done for Ken Branson, his family and his company! They will always be a part of my life. They’ve sown a countless amount of seed into my life and I’m sure they can’t wait for harvest time. Truth be told, they’ve seen the fruits of their labor since somewhere around 1994-1995, when the Ken Branson Project was introduced to then Minister Kedrick T. Lowery. This man and woman mean a whole lot more to me than my Pastor and 1st Lady. They are mentors first to me. At times they treat me like a brother (especially on the racquetball court) and other times the treat me like their son. They are my business partners and we definitely partner with them in ministry as well. The best is yet to come for this awesome couple…and I love you guys!
Ok…but ain’t this suppose to be about Layla Grayce?
IMG_8760 copy
This photo here seals the deal. The look on her face tells me that nothing else in the world matters to me at this moment. Despite my situation (sleepiness), I’m going to make the best out of this moment. Although I may hit the rack hard with I lay down, I’m ALL IN!
Love you Layla Grayce and it was a pleasure capturing your 1st Birthday Celebration!