I’ll tell you and you only…it seems that when life seems to throw the heavy darts, I find refuge in successfully building the Kingdom of God through Grace Church of Durham. It’s almost as if I can’t find the right solutions for the life of me in my own life, but I’ll have the greatest ideas for the church. The good thing about Grace Church is that 1) they don’t mind promoting good work. Therefore our gifts and talents will be spread abroad. 2) Grace is filled with individuals who suffer NOT from the crab in the barrel mentality. They will work diligently to make sure they support everyone’s dreams. I Love My Church…do you? LOL

Quite some time ago, we looked for ways to get the #Confessions series (our Pastor let loose on us) out to the masses in a creative way! Well, here you go. The Confessions Mug. From this day forward, you’ll always know WHO you are and WHOSE you are.

Visit us at: 1417 Cole Mill Road, Durham, NC 27705 or on the web at http://graceofdurham.org.