3-Light Setup shot for Corporate Headshots

Late one night when I couldn’t sleep, I was going through all the profiles of the people I’m connected with on LinkedIn. I couldn’t believe how many professionals had not taken 20 minutes out of their busy schedule to get a professional profile photo made of themselves. On the flip side, I was kicking myself for not making professional photos accessible to the businessmen and women. My apologies.

As a result, I reached out to Algenon Cash (Executive Managing Director) of Wharton Gladden. He and his partners set out to brand themselves with professional photos. They did a wonderful job. The good thing about this assignment was, we came directly to them. They were hosting a function and since all the team was going to be there at one time, we set up a professional studio in one of the back rooms of the Piedmont Club, downtown Winston-Salem. THAT WAS EASY!

This is a fine group of individuals moving and shaking North Carolina. Brand yourself with us today!