Every time I look at this picture, I try to envision myself there capturing this instant in time. It was 1989, a time where digital cameras probably weren’t around then. Therefore, there was no way to look onto the preview screen to make sure you caught the essence of this shot. There probably wasn’t any time for a redo either. Then, check out the NCAA at the top of the frame. Without it, could someone say that this photo is made up? Sure they can. There is a lot of emotion in this frame that definitely tells me that these men weren’t gonna stay here for long. WOW! The few seconds that a photographer has to compose and capture a frame as a photojournalist can determine their success. After that image is captured, it is remembered forever.
But North Carolina Central University’s Athletic Department takes their images to a new dimension with MasterMIND Productions’ MyStone™. 

1989 Men’s Basketball Division II National Championship

Who but MasterMIND Productions has the honor of molding this image into a new dimension?
The 1989 Men’s Basketball Division II National Champions! WOW!

Sam Fulmer, North Carolina Central University

The Athletic Department even purchases MyStones™for graduating athletes as well. MyStones™are a unique gift like no other. All stones are All-Natural 100% Sedimentary rock. As a result, NONE of them are exactly the same, making your moment in time stand out that much more.
We can produce one at a time or a thousand within a few weeks of production time. All you have to do is send us the image and the caption, and we’ll handle the rest from there.
Make EVERY Moment A MyStone™